Hamvention Sunday – Home Again – Dayton 2009 post 9

Home again, without incident!

When one plans travels one simply must allow extra time for roads. After speaking with several folk our route reverted to through Chicago again, but on the old Tollway & Skyway. We had been promised that construction was brief, perhaps 10 miles.

That was true, but what was unforeseen was the Express Lanes being closed forcing traffic to crawl for an extra hour.

In the end it was about the same at the Tri-State which goes around, and other than a change of scenery the same chaos.

Did give us plenty of time to discuss the great people we met, the classes we attended, the things we saw and the few things I bought.

I’m going to mull on our discussions and post a follow up or two this week (that is code for “I am tired from driving and worry I won’t make sense when I write!”)

Already unpacked, dealt with the mail (a nice packet of QSLs from NIDXA #9 Bureau with at least two new countries confirmed – yeah!) and sent my Hamvention stuff off to the side to look at later this week.

Best regards and Thank You to those who made Contest University, the two Dinners, the Hamvention and who spent time with us as we tried to learn a bit more about the hobby!



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One thought on “Hamvention Sunday – Home Again – Dayton 2009 post 9

  1. Mark Morgan KB9RQZ says:

    if you don’t go through chicago you just lose time

    if you try chicago you get to throw the dice and maybe win

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