Hamvention Saturday – Dayton 2009 post 6

Started the day quite early with coffee with Harry W9BR discussing the techniques he has worked out for doing remote HF operations while he travels. VERY much appreciated Harry!!

Back in the hotel a bit early. Feet are tired and I’d arrived at a point where I needed a break from the crowds.

Picked up a Scout Regenerative Radio Receiver Kit by Hendricks QRP Kits for Mancorad W9DK to evaluate as a club-build-project.

Treated myself to a Begali CW Machine which as a real plus included a long chat with Ulrich Steinberg who developed the CW Machine.

Picked up a copy of “Managing Interstation Interference, Revised Second Edition” by George Cutsogeorge, W2VJN, as we learned at Contest University that the book had been extensively updated and expanded.

Chatted with Scott NE1RD (NE1RD Homepage) of 100 Pound DXpedition fame. Was great to briefly catch up with Scott and his amazing projects! He is spearheading the Massachusetts QRP convention and has a software project underway which will be noteworthy in Mac Amateur Radio.

Visited with Dale N6JSX and had a quick chance to operate W1AW/8 from the ARRL Pavilion at the Hamvention Hall. A very hansom commemorative certificate was produced and handed to me before I left the W1AW/8 station – thank you!

Spoke with Scott W4PA at TenTec about having my Jupiter upgraded to the latest technical specification and the pair of Pegasus in my shack given a “health check-up” like I periodically like to have done.

In my previous write-ups I know I missed a dozen or so vendors & friends I spent time talking to – Carl N4PY, Roger WB8NDC, Mark W9OP (Head of the AB0ZO Amateur Club – whcih I am member #578 & #788 – why twice, who knows why!) and more.

Have the usual bag of literature, swag & goodies to sort through once back home.

Time for a a bit or prepacking for tomorrow’s drive before the evening sessions!



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