Contest University in the Morning – Dayton 2009 post 1

Long drive through much rain and road construction. Was very nice to have another driver to spell me for a while.

Quick check in at the Crown Plaza and we checked in at teh Contest University registration desk before heading out for a quick bite to eat.

CU is more organized each time. We were handed our schedules, name tags, and a canvas carrier bag of class materials & swag.

The swag includes a very nice Tee Shirt, a DX Engineering Hat, K1TTT’s 25th Anniversary Super Station Building CD, issues of CQ, NCJ, various catalogs, note taking supplies and the CU 2009 Binder!

Very nicely done!

Hotel room is nice, a quick bite to eat was nice – excepting the usual street ruffians who followed us bragging how they liked to fight – never have figured out why these sorts make a nuisance when I am out. I may be older & slower, perhaps enough to look like an easy mark? Would have thought Tom KC9JGD would have been reason enough for these sorts to give us wide berth. Rather think they wouldn’t be to happy if it ever went beyond banter & noise.

Listening to an obscure British Columbian podcast called “Accordion Noir” while checking email and typing this quick note.

More in the next installment from Dayton!



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