Guest Headsets for the Shack

The K9ZW Radio Shack is what was to have been a Wine Cellar in our home, and is mostly on a workbench height industrial bench between sporting goods storage.

Avoiding using speakers which tend to reverb off the hard ceramic tile floor and hard plaster ceiling & walls, it is my custom to use headsets.

With the Flex-Radio Flex-5000A’s impressive Binaural Mode filtering a headset greatly improves the ability to copy weak signals.

I’ve set aside my Heil Boomset in favor of a good pair of Sennheiser headphones and a Yaesu MD-200 microphone.

This hasn’t been a satisfactory solution for guests in the shack.

Have been thinking of using a portable Aviation Intercom and Headset, as I have my set up in a flight bag. This would mean giving up the audiophile Sennheiser headphones and wearing a boomset for in-shack intercom, while using the MD-200 desk microphone for transmissions.

Seems like a lot of clutter, and would loose the stereo effect the Flex-5000A creates unless I upgraded to all Stereo aircraft gear.

While pondering that upgrade a less costly & simpler solution is being tried.

I’ve acquired for the shack three Sennheiser HD201 Headsets and am awaiting delivery of a Behringer HA-400 four headset amplified audio splitter. All have been purchased through Amazon, which runs periodic specials on the HD201 headsets (I purchase additional HD201s for my sons to use as Computer Headsets).

The envisioned setup will be three guest headsets hanging on headset hooks, plugged in with their audio channels turned to minimum, waiting for use. A visitor will only need to put on a guest headset and turn up the volume.

If all works well I will color code the volume knobs and headsets, similar to the way I do the microphones for my musical gear.

The Sennheiser HD201 headsets come with a long lead, which will let a guest move away without risking pulling on the audio amplifier. Some concern that the leads may be long enough to pick up computer and RF hash, though reports by computer gamers say they are decently shielded.



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