Dayton Anti-Twitter

This year I am not planning to Tweet from Dayton. The experience doesn’t sum up well in nano-blog bites of justa few words each.

Would seem Twitter has some use as a “Hey, Look at this” or “Hey, Watch Out…” sort of tool, but with almost no personality possible in sentence fragments it is really about “keeping in touch” rather than “communicating.”

Sort of like the swimming pool “Marco” call and “Polo” answer by the bored still in the pool long after the game is done, Twitter is low content with high noise.

For many that noise is reassuring – a security blanket that they are not alone – and for a few it is all the communicating they want to do.

If you have a question or want to contact me at Dayton I am good at and the usual address works.

But don’t look for me Tweeting on Twitter,

EDITED 13 May 09 – Based on the number of requests by phone, email and voice messages, I will announce each of my Dayton Hamvention Blog Posts on Twitter.



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