Dayton or Not to Dayton? That is the Question.

Yes I have hotel reservations thanks to a friend who persevered until a booking at the Crown was obtained, and yes I have a CU slot.

For various reasons it looks like I may be traveling alone and kind of on my own at for the Hamvention, as my friend George W9EVT is taking a pass for 2009 and some of the other regulars seem to be doing the same – taking a pass for 2009.

Cannot blame them, the economy and all.

On one hand I am really looking forward to looking over all the latest gear, and I find I get a lot from the seminars.

But then it does happen to be exactly the same time as the big NRA show in Phoenix.

A trip to Phoenix has some advantages – sunshine, generally a nicer situation and I’ve lots of friends & acquaintances in Arizona. The show would be first class and I qualify for tickets to the speakers (Glen Beck, Sarah Palin & a number of others).

But no radios and I would miss out on the ramshackle Hara Arena in Dayton and a first hand visit to urban blight.

Have some hard thinking to do – and tickets to book if I decide to do the NRA show instead.

Dayton or Not to Dayton?  That is the Question.

Of course I could just take a couple days off and spend it up north fishing, doing radio and maybe plinking on a range…..



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One thought on “Dayton or Not to Dayton? That is the Question.

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve been attending Hamvention for several years now. I’ve had my airfare to Dayton ’09 paid since January. Non-refundable, of course. Time off work was already scheduled – that is until my company decided to lay off the lot of us in my department, as we weren’t living up to the shareholder’s expectations for their short-term goals.

    At any rate, I have a plane ticket, I have an admission ticket to Hamvention, and I’m now unemployed. I have an interview and a very good prospect in a couple days, but how does one tell a new, potential employer, “Oh, by the way, I need four days off in mid May…” All I can do is hope. In this crappy economy, I don’t like the thought of forfeiting $350. I also really want to see my long-distance friends before another year lapses. Oh well. Such is life in this day and age.

    Joe, N6DGY

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