New Writing Tool – MacBook Upgrade for K9ZW

Migration Assistant Moving to New Aluminum MacBook

Migration Assistant Moving to New Aluminum MacBook

When the MacBook came out I had reserved the second original White MacBook the Apple Reseller I frequent had gotten in. Due to my travels it actually sat for a week or so before I could pick it up in 2006.

I think the White MacBook has been my most traveled LapTop, having gone on numerous US Island Activations, something like 10 counties and all over the Midwest.

I know it has gone through a replacement case section (warranty) and several aftermarket oversized hard drives (again warranty) and looks a bit sorry for itself.

I have admired the new Aluminum MacBook, which in the upper level version is very much a MacBook Pro Junior-Model.

So I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to the 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook model, with 4 GB of RAM and a 250 GB Hard Drive.

With this model comes a backlit keyboard which I had really wanted for typing off of the home row of the keyboard in low-light situations.

Upgraded to the ’09 of iLife was included, and I added Bento 2 & ’09 iWork upgrades.

A session with “Migration Assistant” allowed all of my old settings, add-in programs and data to be ported over by a machine-to-machine ethernet cable.  This process couldn’t have been easier and I used it to trim out a couple of legacy users (before OS-X Added “Spaces” I would use separate users for “master configurations.”)

Software Update was run three times to capture all of the possible updates, twice before installing the ’09 iLife, ’09 iWork and Bento 2 updates and once afterwards.

Should be about as up to date as any machine out there after the system cleared security updates, driver updates and fixes.

I did have to stop and think when configuring for my TimeCapsule’s TimeMachine function (I wanted to save the old White MacBook data intact) and when hooking up to various networks (forgot to assign DNS servers and had to give the new machine a Bonjour Name).

First impression is this is really going to be a nice computer.

The White MacBook will get scrubbed in a few weeks to become my “experimental OS-X machine” for the shack. I’m hoping a detailed cleaning will address some keyboard issues & other stability issues that were the catalyst for making the plunge for the upgrade.

More after I get a few dozen hours of use under my belt!



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