No Stimulus for Amateur Radio? – Maybe/Maybe Not

Rather think everyone’s attention has been focused on National & World events. Don’t know about your personal experience, but watching my 401K drop in value enough to the tune of a couple year’s salary completely gone hasn’t been a lot of fun.

Last night we were told a lot of promises – all the things that are going to be fixed and all the money that is going to be spent to do it.

Does all this have an effect on Amateur Radio?

Perhaps not directly, but almost certainly it does.

I’m hearing people talking about skipping their annual Dayton pilgrimage due to personal economic concerns.

I’m hearing people asking around if there is any interest in buying their spare, unused and old gear as they make efforts to clear the excess in their lives and gather up cash.

I hear of Trusts that have given Grants for Amateur Radio in the past putting ALL grants on hold, and reducing scholarship awards in some cases.

I hear of the price advantage in downward renegotiation of purchase prices for bigger ticket items like towers which had peaked in 2008, but appear to be in ready & less costly supply today.

I hear of more trading back and forth of gear, rather than buying new gear.

I see $200 discount coupons for $1000 radios, all sorts of special offers, free shipping & accessory allowances for those still willing to buy new gear.

No it doesn’t look like Amateur Radio is going to get any direct stimulus, but the on-going costs of the hobby sure look attractive in such a down market.

I can see many of us spending some quality time on the air.

And of course the emergency backup and lack of censorship may be handy.



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One thought on “No Stimulus for Amateur Radio? – Maybe/Maybe Not

  1. I know that I’m not spending any money on amateur radio at the moment and won’t be until I have a job again. On the other hand, it means I have more time to play with the equipment I already have. Unfortunately, that’s not very much; I had only been a ham a few months when I was laid off and hadn’t had a chance to spend much money on the hobby yet.

    With my luck, by the time I have money to spend again all the prices will have gone back to their old levels.

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