A Bit of Operating, Only a Bit

Amazing how other tasks in life get in the way of solid chunks of operating time.

Did squeak in a few K5D Desecheo Island contacts, with 160m SSB being the best prize so far.

Used the Flex-Radio Flex-5000A. Did take the time to update the Flex-5000A to the latest Firmware and the PowerSDR software front end to its latest full release. Very quick updates, the only minor annoyance being that version 1.16 upwards of PowerSDR has a new settings database, meaning an operator has a lot of settings to recapture manually.

Week seems full of various musical rehearsals (Bass Sax & Bari Sax), family functions (several Birthdays), a bit of snow to clear and lots of work, as in job work. Did arrange to have some special high-strength masts shipped to George W9EVT on WI-001L Washington Island. Trucker says they went to the ferry dock, but of course they have to be “found” now.

Hope to fill in the bands with more K5D QSOs and maybe – just maybe – brave the ARRL International DX CW event this weekend. Really don’t know why even after some effort I always feel like I have forgotten every bit of CW and feel the rank beginner each time. Must just be me.




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