Who do you know? Affiliations in Amateur Radio Clubs

I’ve been very frustrated in certain aspects of Amateur Radio Clubs.

A lot is just me, I push myself and try to hold myself to high standards. I think it is just a way I cope with my own shortcomings by pushing hard back at them. I know I fall far short and need to keep working at self-betterment & benchmarking against best values & norms.

But much is a laxness in people’s approach to club transparency, ethics and legal standards.

Some of us may have issues we’ve invested massive amounts of money & time in learning, sometimes the hard way – say perhaps safety, or liability/insurance, or something technological – and see our club going astray because we’ve somehow decided we’ll not accept reality, imagining that we can redefine laws of man & science simply because we choose to.

That might have worked for Ken Kessey & the Merry Pranksters during their brief drug fueled sojourn, but is a hopeless “in the system” strategy for the long term.

I mean, they were on dope and knew they had literally drank the” Purple Koolaid” and didn’t care anymore.

In the real world you don’t get to make up your own Use Tax Exemption Number. You don’t get to self-declare that you group is Tax Exempt and further magically exempt from filing Tax Returns. You don’t get to take grant money for the same project from several grant sources offering full funding while concealing the duplicate grants. You don’t get to take tens of thousands of dollars of grant money “off the books” out of the regular club accounts and declare that all backup documentation will be destroyed after so many months. You don’t get to beg for dues waivers of $10, $20 or $$30 year club dues while secretly receiving over $3,000 a year as a trustee due to local amateur radio politics.  

Then you get the club attempts to make up new rules of physics, electricity, or construction.  

You just don’t get to make up the rules of law, rules of taxes, rules of ethics or rules of the physical world.

What do you as an individual and as a club member or officer stand for?

What legacy of honesty, trustworthiness and fiduciary responsibility will you leave behind?

Who do you know? Who do you associate with?

These are questions we all need to think hard and deeply about.



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One thought on “Who do you know? Affiliations in Amateur Radio Clubs

  1. Mark Morgan KB9RQZ says:

    hmm sadly it almost sounds like you are tlaking about a Club or 2 I know personaly but i doubt we have ever been memeber of the same club

    that thought is perhaps waht I find most distrubing

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