What’s Your Angle in Amateur Radio

Participation in most hobbies brings a person to decision points, where they have a chance to select any of several subsets of the hobby.

Sometimes the subsets are either completely mutually-exclusive, or are part mutually-exclusive particularly while in the act of participation.

In the case of Amateur Radio we come up to opportunities to operate different modes, power, QSO targets, era of gear, operating style, operating location and so on.

No intent here to try for a comprehensive list, but some samples are:

  • QRP (low power), Standard 100w nominal power or QRO (Amplified High Power)
  • CW, SSB, AM, Digital or FM Modes
  • Standard recent transceiver, Vintage Boat Anchor Operations, or perhaps Computer Driven SDR (Software Defined Radio)
  • Casual Rag-chewing, Net Operations, Contesting, County-Hunting, State Collecting, or DX Hunting
  • All Factory Gear, Kit-Built or Fully Homebrewed
  • Stock Gear or Highly Modified Gear
  • Even sub-subgroups like under Digital – PSK, RTTY, Hellschreiber, MFSK, ALE, Olivia and more 

Perhaps picking among the options is just part of of being involved, with having an understanding & respect of other in-hobby choices being more important.

Many people move between sets of selected options, changing to what interests them as time goes on.  You hear of people returning to earlier pursuits in later life as well.

So What is Your Angle in Amateur Radio?



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One thought on “What’s Your Angle in Amateur Radio

  1. Jay, W6EJJ says:

    Thanks for prompting me to give this subject more thought. Looking back over my 59 years as a licensed amateur, chasing DX is the thing that has always drawn me back to Amateur Radio after a hiatus, sometimes for years, while I was pursuing other interests or commitments. Over the years I have pursued many facets of the hobby such as satellites, FM repeater operation, etc., but in the end I’m drawn back to the thrill of the chase for a new country (oops!, “entity”) on a new band or mode. Another aspect that was important to me was putting something back into the hobby which has so enriched my life; this led to my running for an ARRL vice director position and to a 20+ year career on the League’s board of directors. I’d be very interested to hear how AR has affected other ham’s lives and their plans for future involvement in the hobby.

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