What is a QSO & QSL with Your Station Worth Today?

EDIT August 2022 – With the passing of GlobalQSL’s founders the service ceased operation circa 2020.  More at the comments of https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2022/08/03/an-unusual-qsl-batch/

Received a very unusual letter about a GlobalQSL QSL Card that somehow had made it through the domestic QSL Bureau to a fellow ham.

Unfamiliar with the look of a GlobalQSL he thought it somehow was a fake.

Looks like I must have made a logging error with for this QSO, but unless I spend ages looking through thousands of QSOs in my various logs I’ll never know. The fellow forgot to include a single hint as to the date.

K9 to K9ZW QSO QSL Letter

He’s kindly offered to set a Sked for a “real QSO” if his gear holds up.

At first I was very put off by the letter. Then I wondered if it was “real” or a “send up?”

Then I realized my fellow hobbyist puts a whole lot of value on a QSO and a QSL. Sort of a bit of chivalry from a time when QSOs & QSLs stood out in one’s life. Surrounded by less noise, they mattered.

I’m not likely to take the fellow up, as I think I have every county in his state on Voice already, and I’d feel bad if his gear was smoked trying to make a QSO my way.  I will drop him a note in a  couple weeks after I read your comments and ponder a bit more.

His letter does beg the question though, “What is a QSO & QSL with Your Station Worth Today?”

Is it as much as it appears to be for this chap?

Or are you much more casual about it, as I am?

Makes one think…….



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