World Radio Publishes First On-Line Issue

World Radio Publishes First On-Line Issue – per their website:


Welcome to WorldRadio Online!

Welcome to WorldRadio Online. We are quite excited about our first issue and after viewing it, we’re sure you’ll agree your new “one click” access to hobby websites and advertiser homepages is quite amazing.

You now have the option of viewing your issue online, printing a single page or the entire issue. In addition, while viewing a page, if a product in an advertisement catches your eye, click on the ad and we’ll bring you right to the advertiser’s website for more info. You’ll also find links to hobby clubs and organizations that bring their websites within a mouse-click.

Most of you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computers and are familiar with its usage – all you need do is click on the issue’s front cover above to get started. For those of you who do not have Adobe Acrobat installed and not familiar with it let us give you a brief explanation. Adobe Acrobat is a family of computer programs developed by Adobe Systems, designed to view (open, enlarge or reduce) and manipulate (download and/or print) the pages of the issue, which are created as PDF documents (files created in Adobe’s Portable Document Format-PDF). There are a variety of versions which have been developed to suit the needs of your computer. Adobe Reader is available free and can be downloaded from Adobe Systems Inc. via this link

Once you’ve downloaded Adobe Reader click on the front cover above and you’re in! You’ll notice a reference bar across the top of the page – with navigation tools for viewing the issue. You can scroll through the issue page by page, enlarge or reduce the page size to suit your view, print a single page or the entire issue, the choice is yours with every issue, each time you view it. There’s also a help section should a question arise.

It’s important to remember that every computer monitor has its own unique characteristics. It’s normal for some monitors to display pages slightly differently than others, particularly with color rendition. We find that some elements of a page can occasionally appear slightly fuzzy when small, but razor sharp when enlarged slightly for better viewing. We encourage you to experiment to find the settings that work best for you. Regardless of the monitor you’re using, though, if you choose to print pages from WorldRadio Online, the printed image will be extremely sharp and pleasing to the eye.

We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for future issues! E-mail the editor at Happy viewing from all of us at WorldRadio Online!

The direct link is

The first issue is in color, as 40 page PDF download.

There is a listserver to sign up for email notification at:

Quick analysis is of the 40 pages, roughly 9-1/2 are commercial ads and other three filled with either small ads or offers to advertisers/ad administration & indexes.

The 27-1/2 pages left are roughly 1/4th graphics and 1/8th “overhead” of indexes & admin.

This leaves about 17 pages of actual material, which is not a very high content-to-noise ratio for an on-line publication.

Once the obvious filler articles are set aside (like the Boy Scout like article on Knots and the useless opinion on FCC rules column) there is perhaps 8 to 12 pages of material, most which might appeal to only a segment of amateurs.

I didn’t see anything this issue I was going to print a hardcopy of, and if I printed the full issue (our internal cost at work is $0.08/page for color) I don’t think it worth $3.20 out of pocket plus my time.

Expect the format will change from this colorized clone of the former print version into a usable on-line edition, or the poor return for time invested to download and possibly print locally will finish the project off.



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2 thoughts on “World Radio Publishes First On-Line Issue

  1. Paul AE5JU says:

    I downloaded it, some interesting reading. I’ll make sure that any ads I reference, or order from, I’ll let the company know, “I saw your ad in the new World Radio.”

    That odd question I asked you about FCC regs was prompted by the article in this magazine.

    I read the “Are We Ready” article (earthquate preparedness along the New Madrid fault) with much interest. I live in a hurricane prone zone, so post emergency preparedness is something that’s on my mind of late.

    And I found the “No Antenna, No Problem” article of interest. Can I check in on nets via internet from offshore? But via my own radio back onshore! Now that’s one more thing to explore.

    OK, you old hams, I’m new to this, so give me a break. ;-)


    • k9zw says:

      Hi Paul AE5JU

      I cannot recommend the Rules & Regulations column of World Radio as being either practical or correct. You can find numerous posts on this and other blogs where the advice of the column was out of sync with the actual rules & interpretations. On this area World Radio is not a useful source, and I would look to either directly reading Part 97 or the ARRL for advice if interpretation is needed.



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