Venison Counterpoises – Deer Damage to GAP Titan DX Antenna

A strange glimmer across the 200 feet from the base of my GAP Titan DX Antenna caught my eye.

Aluminum glinting in the cold winter sun from the counterpoise area at the antenna base.

Never saw that before…..Hmm, that isn’t likely to be good…

Found the counterpoise cross arms and wire loop fairly mangled.

The tracks in the snow quickly reveal what has happened.

Due to the deep snow deer had somehow ended up entangled in the counterpoise, and panic had caused them to fight their way out.

Most bucks have dropped the horns, but it is possible that a buck’s rack was the tangling cause.

The digital camera is on charge so I can go out and get pictures.

As the Titan doesn’t have a feed line this winter, as it was promised to another area amateur, I hadn’t noticed exactly when it was damaged.



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