GORC – Great Outdoors Radio Club

Well this weekend I learned about another Award Based Special Interest Group of Amateurs with neat ideas!


The Official GORC Logo

 Welcome to the Great Outdoors Radio Club! This club was formed so all amateur radio operators who love the outdoors would have a place to call home. The only requirements to join this club are that you must hold a valid amateur radio license and sometimes operate portable away from your home qth.

If you would like to join this club, please  check out the GORC Website at http://www.thegorc.org  for instruction. send an email to
gorc at wa3wsj.org. Please include your callsign, name and address. [Edit – updated August 22nd, 2014]

Sounds like a group with great ideas and a lot of fun, so I’ve become GORC #173.

Check them out at: GORC Website and at GORC at Yahoo Groups  [Edit – links updated August 22nd, 2014]




[Edit -updated on August 22nd, 2014 – GORC is strong and active while under new leadership.  Thank you to Randy KB4QQJ,
Trustee K4INC The Great Outdoors Radio Club, for the updated information!]

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One thought on “GORC – Great Outdoors Radio Club

  1. Hi Steve,
    Could you amend your blog site to reflect that the Great Outdoors Radio Club is not shut down. If you would redirect to http://www.thegorc.org I would certainly appreciate it. The logo you have up now is ok but it has changed with the ownership of the club.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    73 for now,
    Trustee K4INC_The Great Outdoors Radio Club

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