Shirtsleeves in the Park (AE5JU) to Snow Belt (K9ZW)

My friend Paul AE5JU did a weekend amateur radio field demonstration in a Morgan City, LA park.

He was clear that the biggest issues they would have would be getting too warm & too much sun!

Working him from 1016 miles north, we were 60 degrees cooler before the windchill would be figured in!

Paul used the Yaesu FT-897/AT-897 setup he had talked me out of, along with one of the pair of homebrew Buddipoles he just built.

I’ll cover the antennas later this week in a “build article.”

Using the new Dual-Monitor setup with the Flex-Radio Flex-5000A here is a screen shot of the action from my end.


AE5JU - K9ZW QSO Screenshot from K9ZW Shack

AE5JU - K9ZW QSO Screenshot from K9ZW Shack

The screen to the left has my copy of MixW (Reg. v2.19 Beta Nov 08 Update) and the right hand monitor has the Flex-5000A PowerSDR Software and the DX Cluster box from MixW.  Minimized at the moment was the running copy of Safari.  

Running in the background are the Flex-Radio Firewire driver manager and VAC (Virtual Audio Cables) which is an excellent bit of software which lets audio IO between software and machine remain digital & “in the box” rather than the usual patch cables.

As always it was great to work Paul AE5JU and I have to say that the homebrew Buddiepole antenna sounded great.  Looking forward to receiving mine.



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One thought on “Shirtsleeves in the Park (AE5JU) to Snow Belt (K9ZW)

  1. Paul AE5JU says:

    Sorry, that didn’t work either.

    OK, trying again…

    This time, click on “Paul AE5JU” and you should get the photo.


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