Bloggers, Do You Know Where Your Server Is? Continuity For Web Projects – Part III – Blogger Anti-Strategies

Anti-Strategies?  What is an Anti-Strategy?

Many bloggers consider their posts commentaries and “asides” to the real communication in the Amateur Radio world.  

They have a point – Jeff KE9V has pointed out in his comments to this series how the timeliness that give a blog post vitality quickly fades.  

The readership interested in your blog post that you just worked some big DXpedidtion an hour ago may be huge at the time of posting, and almost nonexistent five weeks, much less five years, later.

Out of this idea some bloggers have a Anti-Strategies for backing up their blogs, including:

Laize Faire – or  an “I’m easy with what will be, will be”  approach to blog backup is when a blogger simply lets what will happen, happen.  If the blog goes off line, ok.  If when it does they can gets some chunks back from various sources, cool.  They simply “let it happen, as it happens.”

Burn the Fields – Is an idea some bloggers adopt, where periodically on a schedule or on whim, they erase their blog and start it over fresh.  Freedom from the legacy of their past writings is most often cited as the reason to “Burn the Fields” now and again.

The FIFO Shove to Web Oblivion – Is the idea that old posts should “fall off” the blog, being pushed by time or number of new posts.  FIFO (First In – First Out) reflects the idea that the oldest posts drop off first.  A number of authors limit their blogs to only a certain number of visible posts under this idea.

A Few Good Marbles (Save the Best & to the Winds with the Rest) – Is a bit of a hybrid idea.  Here an author focuses their backup on what they feel is their most worthy work (whether by number of hits, number of links, effort put in, or self-critical ranking) and either lets the others go or actually culls the other posts.

Next in this series I’ll look at strategies for the Blog Reader.



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2 thoughts on “Bloggers, Do You Know Where Your Server Is? Continuity For Web Projects – Part III – Blogger Anti-Strategies

  1. K3NG says:

    Cached pages in Google can often be used to recover lost content. Of course, my blog is on Blogspot which is owned by Google, so if Google has a total meltdown, I’m screwed. :-/ However, if that happens probably the entire Internet is toast anyway….

  2. Scot says:

    I’m with K3NG and my pages are all archived on Blogspot. I reference my writing for continuity as well. On the other hand, FeedBurner lets me know what pages are read from my archive, good series!

    Scot, KA3DRR

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