Flitter Flitter, What’s the Worth of Twitter?

I’m slowing my Twitter “Tweets” and following of Twitter based on a difficult to use Signal/Noise Ratio.

As I posted:

K9ZW – – Started my adjusting of who I am following. Can’t bear anymore platform & train schedule reports from places far away or.. …. football game commentaries from games I am not interested in following. Just becasue we CAN does not mean we SHOULD or MUST.. …. share the minutia of our lives. Tell me about your radios, tell me about unique ideas, thoughts, perceptions. But …… BUT spare me the repeat of the the headline news and the drivel one’s spouse would fall alseep if you tried sharing it with them. ///Rant – off//// Basically refocusing the immediate access portions of my day to family, and tightly filtered interests. 73

Basically the few unique bits of information passed are overwhelmed by endless droning Tweets about microcosms of banality trying to add value to the mundane. [Sorry I must have been specially crabby when I wrote this – a simple translation would be “The few new tidbits that could mean something are crowded out by piles of junk posts” – Steve]

While our mundane moments are a great part of what defines us and our lives, they really don’t share well.

One very active Twittering Ham has a goal of posting 10,000 Tweet posts during the year.

If everyone of those Tweets takes but a second or two out of my attention, that is asking me as a Twitter Follower to give up 5-6 hours of accumulated time.

It’s simply not going to happen.

It might be one thing if even one our of a 30 or 40 Tweets had an Original amateur radio content.

The biggest shortcoming of Twitter is the lack of filtering.

That combined with the system acting by design like a bunch of great big “party lines” means that very very little traffic is of interest.

I expect I will Tweet by Twitter at Dayton if I attend, but otherwise I intend to check Twitter perhaps a few times a week and post even less, unless in reply.



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6 thoughts on “Flitter Flitter, What’s the Worth of Twitter?

  1. […] Steve, K9ZW recently posted to his ham radio blog about the worth of Twitter. His post hits on the very thing that has kept me away from dabbling in the world of Twitter – I simple don’t have any more bandwidth (time) for either posting (”Tweeting”) or reading about the minutia of day-to-day life. […]

  2. Ed says:

    Fantastic! I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve. This post really struck a chord with me. I’m not adverse to trying new technology, in fact I welcome it. That is, if it truly provides something that’s worthwhile and meaningful to me. But, thus far, the vast majority of examples that I’ve seen of Twitter’s usefulness in the ham radio arena are far from anything that I’d consider useful or pertinent. I simply don’t care that someone is doing their laundry, what they had for dinner, or that they heard some DX station two hours ago. That’s what spotting nets are for. I don’t need to read ‘shout-outs’ either, that’s just plain silly.

    There now, I feel better :)

    Great blog, by the way.

    73’s Ed N4EMG

  3. […] K9ZW, has asked What’s the Worth of Twitter? I’m slowing my Twitter “Tweets” and following of Twitter based on a difficult to use […]

  4. […] Thing.)  Several of the ham radio bloggers have tried Twitter and have gotten frustrated with it. Steve K9ZW says that Basically the few unique bits of information passed are overwhelmed by endless droning Tweets […]

  5. […] questioned the value of the service, and that discussion led to follow-up postings by N1WBV, N0HR and K0NR […]

  6. k9zw says:

    There seems to be some sort of confusion about Twitter.

    My focus is that Twitter Style Micro-Blogging in the morass of unflitered Tweets is useless.

    Again my future Twitter Involvement will be pretty much limited to moments of boredom and actively Tweeting during Dayton.

    This doesn’t mean that Twitter doesn’t have a place for some people, but it is far from an EchoLink as a communicator or a Blog as story-teller.

    Given its SMS style character limitations for Tweet Size, just the idea that this simple dialogue would have taken dozens of tagged-together Tweets brings the utility for serious communications into question.

    Guess I don’t really want to be engulfed with the micro-thoughts of the world. And I don’t think the world is interested in mine.

    So excepting when I’m bored or see some tool-like use for Twitter, it is basically Tweets-Off in my world.



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