Added 6m Amp to the Shack – Lou W1QJ King QRO Conversions

Just delivered to the K9ZW shack is one of Lou W1QJ’s 6 meter QRO Conversion Amps.

Starting as a Heath SB-220 this HF Amp has been extensively modified to add the Amateur 6 meter band.

Hi Steve, ….., I have one more order to fill before I get around to converting an Sb-220 for you. But, you will be next in line. Now lets talk about color. For the most part I keep the amp it’s original colors. When I say I “repaint” I mean that if the outer cabinet needs refinishing, I repaint it so it looks new. I use paint I had professionally mixed to match the original color. I do not repaint the front panel, but I do customize it. The color remains the same. I could always paint the outer cover black for you, but I doubt it would look good with the green front panel. The outer cover color goes well with the green face. I try not to get too involved with painting etc. which is not my expertise. Basically what I “sell” is power on 6 meters. I customize the front panel so it indicates it is a 6 meter amplifier to set it apart from the “run of the mill” HF SB-220. I try to concentrate my efforts on building a good solid powerful 6 meter amp at a reasonable price, doing what I do to the outer cabinet and face plate fits into the price. If I did much more painting etc. I could not keep the price down. I have offered to leave the SB-220 looking stock, but everyone likes the customized version so it identifies itself as a 6 meter amp. As a result I do this treatment to all of the amps. …..

Thanks 73 Lou W1QJ

Should have this amp up and running over the holidays, now that it has arrived.

More to follow!



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