REPOST: Snap Snap – Photographing Your Shack & Setup

There is nothing like a few well shot photographs to help you duplicate your shack after a loss, move or simply a good cleaning!

With digital cameras letting us shoot & store photos for nearly zero cost, we return on your time investment to have a good selection of shack photos is outstanding!

I’ve tried to capture the shack layout, the individual pieces of gear, their ID & serial number tags, how they are wired up and anything unusual.

These go with my software settings screen shots and station notes.

These photos have been handy when I repainted the shack walls, my insurance coverage should be a bit more secure through photo-documentation, and I dud use the wiring photographs when I set up my rig in the field for Field Day.

One small tip I was taught, with digital cameras you can turn off the flash and often get better pictures of faceplates, ID & serial plates.

There are a few digital cameras that response to near infrared light, making them useful to experiment with. I’m told you can sometimes find an energized short through looking at the heat shown on one of these cameras, but I’ve only worked with full industrial infrared survey cameras.

But I’ve been told it works (I wouldn’t go buy a camera just to try it though.)

Get the photos into your station documentation and make sure you have a backup file stored somewhere else!

Smile & say “Cheese!”



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