More on W1AW Getting a Flex-5000A

Here is the first information:

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 09:20:41 -0600 
From: “John” W5GI
Subject: Re: [Flexradio] Update from W1aw/W5gi 
To: “‘Flex Radio Reflector'” 

Just a quick note to report on my activities at the ARRL. 

At 1800 UTC I was joined at W1AW by about 15 employees of the ARRL,  including Dave Summer. I officially handed over a FLEX-5000 (an upgraded  beta unit) for use at their station. Following the official presentation, I spent about 90 minutes demonstrating the radio and discussing the world of  software defined radio. I was then invited to take a tour of the ARRL complex, which was very interesting. 

I returned to the station at 2000hrs UTC to begin operating ( a hour later than promised). I experienced high SWR problems, which turned out to be a bad coax cable run from the antenna box to the F5K operating position. I began operating as soon as the problem was repaired but had to cease operation at 2047 UTC so that the regular broadcast could begin. 

I worked about 50 stations in about 30 minutes despite terrible band conditions. The F5K performed flawlessly and was fun to use with their monster antenna system. I worked several FLEXERS but Dudley, WA5QPZ had, by a large measure, the strongest signal of any station worked. 

The 5000 is now a permanent part of W1AW/ARRL and available to anyone to use when visiting there. 

I recommend a visit to the ARRL-it’s like a Smithsonian museum for amateur radio. 

John P. Basilotto 
VP Amateur Division (NA)




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One thought on “More on W1AW Getting a Flex-5000A

  1. k9zw says:

    Here is the ARRL Article on the donation:



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