Chased by an Early Winter – Battening Down the Hatches at K9ZW

The Manitowoc Lakeshore has seen Mid/Late January Winter Weather arrive in Wisconsin in the first week of December!

It is a clear cold zero F as I write (that is -18c if you prefer) and when it does warm up to the 20s it of course snows.

So at the K9ZW shack I have had to batten down the hatches and cut short the last outside projects for the year.

My tower base box is still on the bench and for the time being a 32 gallon upside down plastic garbage can will serve to protect my antenna switch, lightening gear and connectors. Not what I had planned, but digging down into the snow and trying to change things over in the cold makes no sense. It all is working now and that is time to leave well enough alone.

The coax for the run to the vertical is still on the shelf. I may run it on the snow for now, as being burial grade flooded coax it won’t hurt it.

The receive antenna array has stagnated in the thinking and designing stage. Just not eager to head outside with a tape measure and cones to check measurements.

On the plus side I’ll have plenty of inside time to focus on getting the shack organized.

And plan for Spring.



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