Solder by Numbers – A Kit Builders Virtual Clubhouse

Having seen a large add in “Nuts & Volts” magazine, I had a look at Solder By Numbers Website

The web-project looks really interesting!

As their website says:

What is SBN?  
What is Solder By Numbers? Solder By Numbers (SBN) is many things for many different user types. If you are involved in electronics as a professional, educator, student enthusiast, or even novice there is something here for you.      

  • Beginners can now build electronic circuitsdue to SBN schematics which show you where to place components and SchmartBoard technology that makes hand soldering through hole and surface mount components a breeze. The bar to get involved in electronics has been lowered, while your ability to learn as you go has been enhanced. You’ll learn from and with new online friends from around the world.
  • Intermediate users can add to their experience by communicating with others around the world, who are building the same circuits or have similar interests. You can make online friends, create online clubs or local clubs that physically meet. A number of forums and industry experts will also be at your beckoned call as will an online educational area. And much more to come.
  • Advanced users who know how to design circuits, can post them in a SBN format. Commissions are earned every time a user builds your posted SBN circuit. You can collaborate and exchange ideas with others who are at your advanced level. You can also become a developer and make residual income by posting circuits!
  • Clubs will find new members. Whether your club is electronics, robotics, ham, RC, rocketry, or anything else, you’ll want to maintain a free presence on the SBN website, so that local prospects can find you. We will also have SBN clubs called “SchmartMeets” for SBN enthusiasts to meet locally and compare and share SBN projects and electronics concepts.
  • Companies will have the ability to communicate to our users who choose to subscribe to your RSS feed. Companies can also post circuits online that may promote the companies’ products.
  • Educators can look at their students’ work online, while communicating with them via text chat or VoIP with a Video Cam. They can also have an invite only area to work with students only. Forums can also be started to work with students only. Your students, through interactions with people from around the world and other resources on the SBN community will learn electronics concepts beyond your tutorage.
  • Students can learn about electronics from our education area, join forums, collaborate with others and add some fun to their learning experience. Your instructor may opt to use our tools to work with you as well.
    Everyone can have a profile, make friends, subscribe to RSS feeds, create and save circuits, join clubs, forums, blog, poll, add photos, videos, and share. It is a place to communicate, collaborate, teach and learn.

I’ve created a Solder by Numbers profile as Steve K9ZW and will see what develops!



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