Flex-5000A on 160m

I am an occasional check-in for the “Every Night 160m Net,” a roundtable with Tom KC8QGJ often as the facilitator.

Tonight, even though noise was a solid S-9, I had no problem checking with with the new Flex-5000A.


Flex-5000A on 160m

Flex-5000A on 160m

Running with my solid Alpha-78 Amp into a W9INN Half-Sloper I was pleased to get very good signal and audio reports.

I had the Flex-5000A set to “PanaFall” where the Panadaptor is above a fully synced waterfull.  In the pictures I have it blow up to show detail and the yellow of the S-9 noise is pretty striking.

In the settings I started working with the various filters and an VERY interesting Binaural differential stereo selection.  Haven’t even gotten close to worrying about the added in receiver unit.

Again easy and impressive!



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