Perfect Antenna Weather

Yes it is now well below freezing – something like -8c for those who count that way – and windy, frosty with occasional snow/sleet.

The end effect is a damp cold, with wind that bites enough to give you wind-burn in ten minutes or so, and a resulting windchill of below zero (0F or -18c)!

Yes it is perfect antenna weather.

Never accomplished the Autumn complete lowering & tip over of the tower, so what will be will be.  The work I did last Spring still looks great when I use binoculars to look closely.

The extra vertical antenna is still up in the woods.  Now with the leaves down my oversight is a constant reminder.  Not that I pay attention to it, but rather that my XYL reminds me daily.

Ditto on the extra long-wire antennas.  But I argue they are backs “just in case!”

It is also hunting season starting this weekend, and my eldest Tom KC9JGD will be home from University.  

If weather is good I expect my postings will space out for the next week or so.


Because it is “Perfect Antenna Weather” out there!



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2 thoughts on “Perfect Antenna Weather

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