Making Money the “Emcomm Way” – Commercial Profit Motives

It’s been happening right along – Making Money the “Emcomm Way” – but more and more we are seeing a Commercial Profit Motive take over the Emcomm product selection process.

Historically one of the early paid-for Emcomm tools was PACTOR, though this was really a case of Emcomm adopting a commercial product. The higher speed versions and the real factory modems are expensive licensed products.

ARRL CCE Emcomm Courses were one of the next commercial Emcomm products. These were a pay as you go series of classes, though the full cost was masked by grants as only a smaller percentage of students directly paid the fees. Most of us had our fees refunded from grant money once we completed the classes. Now these courses falling behind as the grants have tailed off.

A recent eHam “Article” (actually a CSS Press Release – or Advertisement should we say…..) announces a $30 reduced ability software package version of CSS’s $100 “Emcomm Solution.”  This again brought home the reminder that Emcomm is a business for many.

The ARRL is back in the Emcomm commercial business with their latest training courses and materials.  The new Digital for Emcomm $50 CD is an example of their range of Emcomm products.

Should Emcomm be a business? One cannot expect commercial organizations to provide products gratis, but what about our national dues supported organization, should those products be at cost to membership?

Your thoughts?



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2 thoughts on “Making Money the “Emcomm Way” – Commercial Profit Motives

  1. mark morgan kb9rqz says:

    what national organization are you refering to? Certainly not the ARRL it is mostly in the comerical pubishing bizz these days.

    the only thing I can say is iit is as responive to nonmembers as members (the level of responiveness beign next to none)

    further are these EMCom even of any value hasn’t the “served” agentcy” mostly gone to demending the FEMA courses

    seriously it hard to support the arrl these days I have tried but a few a recent years but haven’t to chock it down to pay them the money

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