What is an Amateur Radio Blog, Anyway?

Have had an interesting discussion with Jeff KE9V about the nature of what an Amateur Radio Blog really is.

Is it just “news & announcements” often warmed over and cross-linked with other Amateur Radio websites?

Is it Opinion/Editorial pieces (“OpEd” as they are called) from an Amateur Radio perspective?

Is it just a web version of “show & tell” where the writer “shows off” some net-gem they found by “telling about it” in their blog?

What do you think?

Perhaps I will run a poll in the next week or so to capture what you think.



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2 thoughts on “What is an Amateur Radio Blog, Anyway?

  1. I think you’re asking essentially the same question as “What is amateur radio?”. It’s different things to different people.

    My blog doesn’t really fit into the categories you’ve mentioned above (though I’ve done all of those things on occasion). In my case, it’s more like a public diary. I’ll occasionally publish a tip that perhaps someone will find useful, and I do try to provide the educational tidbit, if not explicitly then at least by providing links to terms that might be less common (or that I find interesting and hope others will too.)

  2. Robert KC0NXB says:

    I think the most important aspect to any blog is posting regularly. Thanks for doing that, K9ZW.

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