An Emcomm Discone Antenna

Have purchased an ex-NATO HF/VHF/UHF Discone Antenna for VHF/UHF Emcomm use as part of my more serious “Go-Kit”:

The chap who was able to get 15 of these ran his antenna analyzer on it and found a decent workable SWR from 40m to 440Mhz in the various configurations.

Hope to get this antenna up at least once before Thanksgiving.  



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4 thoughts on “An Emcomm Discone Antenna

  1. Matt says:

    Where did you get it? Does he have more available?


  2. Eric says:

    Yeah, I want one!

    Eric W4OTN

  3. k9zw says:

    He had 15. They are $95 + shipping. $25 est East Coast – $45 est West Coast, coming out of NC.

    The elements can be moved around taking out some, screwing them into the bottom of others, to make it work lower freq.

    “The test results so far? My MFJ analyzer has been on the fritz, but so far I have measured it on 12m,11m,10m,6m, and 2m with flat SWR. My buddy has had similar results since I loaned it to him, with the exception that he said he needed a tuner for 12m. With a tuner I used it on 20m with good results and 40m with fair results (but band conditions sucked so I need to test more). I loaned by good UHF SWR meter out and haven’t been able to test on 220 and 440 yet.”

    You can call at 828-627-0361.

    On 20m and 40m I just went right with the tuner, and that worked just fine to take it to 1.5:1 or lower. I used the 3 piece lower element configuration to do that. Instead of 8 lower elements 2 sections long that was 4 lower elements 3 sections long.



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