Radios and Motorcycles – II – Home Again!

The four days away went well, with my old BMW K100LT Motorcycle doing a stellar job.  By current standards this “Flying Brick,”  as the K-series bikes are known, is far from the leading edge of technology & performance, but it has one of those “sweet spot” personalities I’ve written about before.

I’ve done a lot of cold autumn and early winter riding over the years.  I remember in 1980 having people stop and stare at my passing on a Jet Black Norton Commando when it was well below Zero and the show as three feet high either side of the road!

I spent time with George W9EVT at his shack – amazing the vintage gear he is bringing out and setting up – just the military gear alone fills table after table!  Wouldn’t have been fair to put up pictures of the gear half-up, but it will certainly be impressive!

While a guest at W9EVT’s shack I operated a couple times, catching a number of Islands and a bit of DX.  It was so nice I really had a hard time staying inside to operate – perhaps an outdoors operating station someday?

Had excellent chats with a couple other BMW riders.  One friend unbeknown to me had put 18,000 miles on a RS1150R over the last six seasons, starting to ride again when he was 67 years old!  He has all the gear, as he is the perfect size for the real BMW stuff!  

Afraid I’m a Big & Tall outside of what BMW cares to build gear for.  Even my helmet comes from a specialist manufacturer who makes helmets for pro-sports players.  I think my “Fat Head” Bell licensed full faced helmet is an XXXXL size!  Wouldn’t think of riding without it.  The previous one had been stolen – often wondered what the thief made of it when they tried it on to have their head rattle inside it like a loose peanut still inside the shell?!

One of the features of riding for me is that I do not have any radios or other in-motion audio distractions. It was bliss to miss out on all the noise of the election while riding!  Recommend it!



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