Working Paul AE5JU for his first HF QSO

Saturday 18 Oct 2008, 9 am local.  

Over 1000 miles between Morgan City, LA and Manitowoc, WI

AE5JU used a FT-897D, AT-897 and a dipole he built, all at 100w

K9ZW used a TenTec Jupiter, Alpha 78, and Tennadyne T-8c up at 60 ft, running at 800w.

Solid two-way 59 QSO on 20m.

Yeah, this was good!

(Held this back as this week had Mole Day and for whatever reason site traffic looking for things 6.02×10^23 covers up any amateur radio posts each October.  Thank you to the many thousands of Mole Day visitors who pushed my tiny blog up to the Top-40 of WordPress Blogs!!)



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One thought on “Working Paul AE5JU for his first HF QSO

  1. Paul Coats, AE5JU says:

    Yes, an exciting first week as a new Ham!

    What a great first QSO on both points! With my “Elmer” Steve K9ZW and distance, over 1,016 miles, to be exact. My very first contact.

    Also logged a few other QSO’s with old and new friends. Old friends Bob N5CKZ and Jackie KA5LMZ here in town, who were also big supporters. And new friend Darrell KC5DHP, whom I met at the hamfest where I sat the exams.

    And another interesting QSO, in trying to contact Darrell, just 122 miles away, up on 17 meters, a voice came booming in, Neil K1NDF way over in Massachusetts, just over 1,400 miles away, who kindly relayed for Neil and me. Classic skip. Neil and I could not hear each other at all, but both of us were pegging Neil’s S-meter, and he ours. I had heard of this for years, but it was my first time to actually experience it.

    And I only dropped the mic once.

    As a new ham I just could not ask for a more exciting first week on the air. But I didn’t get here by myself — I had a lot of help.

    So thanks to everyone!



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