Welcome AE5JU, Paul Coats Newly Minted Amateur Extra

A very hearty welcome to Paul AE5JU, our newly minted Amateur Extra!

As mentioned in my previous write up – With Words of Encouragement – Newly Minted Ham – Extra Class – Paul has gone from a non-licensed person to Amateur Extra in one test session.

Congratulations Paul!



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One thought on “Welcome AE5JU, Paul Coats Newly Minted Amateur Extra

  1. Paul Coats, AE5JU says:

    This morning I had the great honor and pleasure of entering Steve K9ZW into my station log as my very first QSO. Good reception on both ends on 20 meters, for a contact distance of 1016 miles.

    We tried on 40 meters as well, and though I could recognize my good friends’s voice, I was just hearing a few words here and there, and the same on his end. The band was far too noisy at that time, around 08:40. Back on 20 meters we again made contact.

    A local fellow, member of the ham club here that I haven’t met, will be coming over this afternoon with his antenna analyzer and help me do a little fine tuning. Steve and I will try a few other bands tonight.

    Thanks for all your help, Steve, and a new ham could not ask for a better Elmer.


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