Flex-5000A Update – Working on it…..

Have the rig in place, software loaded, and the computer & SDR working together.

Have not arrived at workable settings yet.  Will be talking to Flex in the next days to get some guidance.  

At key-up there is a momentary SWR spike that puts the rig into TX-lockout.  Measured SWR is nominal (1.36:1.0 max) but a momentary spike of high SWR is raining on my parade.

Expect this falls into “operator error” as I am still working through the suggestions for settings.

Panadapter is Awesome!  Not so taken with the focus of the RX/TX bandpass filters.  

Majorly difficult to work with only a pdf manual.  Rather think it is false economy to work with a radio this complex with only a pdf on the same computer the rig is using.  

So I have ordered a professionally printed manual.

More soon!



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