The Nod for the Mancorad W9DK Radio Club Board

Last night my local radio club, Mancorad W9DK, held its elections and I’m suddenly on the Club Board.

Not really unexpected as the nomination committee had asked, and as the chairperson for the constitution committee it does rather make sense to also be on the board.

Our new club officers and board members:

President:         Rich   KC9LOA
Vice President: Marty KC9JGE
Treasurer:        Tim    N7TAL
Sectary:            Jody   KC9KVT

Board members
Chris    AB9RP
Carl      KA9WYK (also Previous Past President)
Steve    K9ZW

The meeting also had two firsts for the club – for the first time in memorable history over 1/4th of those attending the meeting were under 18 years old!

And for the first time again in memorable history almost 1/3rd of those members attending the club were XYLs and YLs (the Ladies and Young Ladies)!!

Now I will need to find time to pull my weight for the club.



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One thought on “The Nod for the Mancorad W9DK Radio Club Board

  1. mark morgan KB9RQZ says:

    congrads to the club
    congrats or condolences to you on the BoD Nod

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