“Linux in the HAM Shack” Podcasts Announced

Richard K5TUX has announced at the Linux in the HAM Shack project website:

Episode #001 of Linux in the HAM Shack has been recorded and edited. We’re just about to go live with it. We do hope you’ll take the time to download and listen to our introductory podcast. Also, please drop us a line and let us know what you think of what we intend to do and the direction we intend to go. Podcasts are feedback driven and we want to provide as much relevant information to our listeners as possible.

So stay tuned and watch this site for the podcast. We’re looking to publish every other Tuesday, starting with October 7, 2008.

Since it is a first issue and I didn’t get an advance copy….. well I am sure it will be good!


Check it out!



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3 thoughts on ““Linux in the HAM Shack” Podcasts Announced

  1. Damon Aguirre NN7B says:

    I’ve been waiting for this!!! I’ve got an older box that I’ve restored and put debian on it after listening to resonant frequency podcast, but I’m so new that I’m struggling to get any Ham radio software working. I hope you won’t mind helping a newbie, as I set this box up specifically for my Ham radio shack. Thanks, and I look forward to downloading the podcast. And by the way, if you ever want the perspective of a newbie on the show, let me know, I’m happy to be that newbie… :)


    Damon Aguirre

  2. Ken / WA3FKG says:

    Greetings from Oakmont Pennsylvania. As I write this I’m listening to your initial Podcast and I hope it is the first of many! I have become very enthusiastic about Linux in the ham shack but so far have found a limited number of software applications that I can use. I do a lot of listening on the VHF/UHF bands with scanners and programming software for them in all but non existent. I do keep my HF log book on my Linux system and would really like to get active with the digital modes via Linux. Thanks for taking the time to create the podcast.

  3. k9zw says:

    Just to be clear Ken WA3FKG’s adulates are intended for the Linux in the Hamshack Podcast team of Richard K5TUX and Russ KB5JBV! I’m not linux skilled enough to be part of the project myself!



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