My Backup’s Back and I’m Going to be in Trouble

Yeah, a good sort of trouble.  

Over the summer I had Backup woes, with a Laptop Hard Disk bitting the dust, a iMate unit getting roughly unmounted when the power flickered, and some chaos when after restoring from TimeMachine I found my automatic backups were not working right.

Much is better now, but I’m in trouble wading through too many copies and too much backup.

TimeMachine has been restored to it’s excellent self after copying everything to a 1TB scratch-drive and erasing the old TimeMachine file structure.  Bit of a heart stopper there, as one wouldn’t usually want to nuke the backups, but the automatic sequency otherwise could not be restarted.  I’m wondering if the LapTop was in the midst of a TimeMachine backup when the internal Hard Disk perished?

To Make things flow all excess and unused “stuff” from the LapTop has also been moved to the 1TB Scratch Drive.

The iMate drive from my MiniMac responded well to a repair permissions session using OS-X’s “Disk Utility” and that Data is in the process of joining the other Mac’s data on the 1TB Scratch Drive.

I’ve also ported over a mass of Data from several old Window’s Boxes onto my Scratch 1TB drive.

SO now I have a huge mass of Data – the LapTop contents plus at least one full Laptop backup, the iMate drive, the MiniMac drive’s data, the data from the iMac and stored data from several older Window’s Machines.  All tucked away on the Scratch 1TB drive.

What a mess of stuff to work through!

I’ve ordered an Apple Time Capsule 1TB model intending to replace the present Linksys Wireles Router and various external TimeMachine Drives.  Once I have it up I’ll have to decide which of the External Drives I would want to retain, possibly as part of a TimeCapsule/TimeMachine cluster.  

And then the Troublesome Part – I have to go through the mass of Data on my Scratch 1TB Drive to select what is rubbish, what is redundant, what is superseded by newer data, what doesn’t interest me anymore and what needs to be archived.  

Sounds like a “Winter Project” if I can put it off until then.



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4 thoughts on “My Backup’s Back and I’m Going to be in Trouble

  1. Ouch. I know how that goes. Granted I don’t have any external drives, so each computer is backed up willy-nilly into random “evac” “backup” etc folders on other computers. So not only is there plenty of redundancy, I don’t even have it all in one place like you do. Good luck.

  2. I’m running a TimeCapsule 1TB and it is working great. I think you’ll enjoy the simplicity and the peace of mind.

    — Scott (NE1RD)

  3. k9zw says:

    Hi Scott NE1RD!

    Thanks for the TimeCapsule comment – I just had an email from Amazon that mine had shipped. (The local shops were out of the 1TB version). Should be here Wednesday and I expect a reasonably easy install.

    Are you doing anything off-site in additional backup?

    I may sync a 1TB NAS at my office to the TimeCapsule if the configuration will allow it.

    Or I may just buy enough dedicated on-line storage to hurl archives of what I want backed up off site.

    I’m mostly concerned with creative works – musical arrangements, photographs and written works.




  4. k9zw says:

    The TimeCapsule has arrived – not certain I will have time before tonight’s Mancorad W9DK meeting to set it up.

    Report soon!



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