Flex-Radio Expands Range of SDR Transceivers

New are the Flex-3000 Portable 100w and Flex-1500 QRP radios.

FLEX-3000™ Software Defined Radio

An Affordable and Compact Software Defined Radio Built on the Same Solid Foundation of the FLEX-5000™ Family of Transceivers.

They say dynamite comes in small packages and nothing could be closer to the truth. The new FLEX-3000 software defined radio, built using the same core multi-channel Firewire infrastructure as the highly acclaimed FLEX-5000, achieves a new level of price performance for SDRs.
The FLEX-3000 is the high performance mid-range 100 watt all-band, all-mode amateur radio transceiver that achieves receiver performance that greatly exceeds all other traditional analog or hybrid DSP transceivers in its price class. The FLEX-3000 is the perfect transceiver for hams just getting started with high performance software defined radios or a companion SDR for existing FLEX-5000 owners who what a more convenient solution for portable operation.


FLEX-1500™ QRP Software Defined Radio – Coming Soon….

see Flex-Radio’s Website for more information!



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One thought on “Flex-Radio Expands Range of SDR Transceivers

  1. Flex-Radio Makes Big Move at KE9V.net says:

    […] and K9ZW both reported yesterday on the Flex-Radio announcement of two new software defined radio products […]

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