Shuffling the Shack – Autumn Changes

Making a few changes at the K9ZW shack as I get ready for Autumn:

Going Out – several rigs, some spare equipment I never use and a project or two that have gone nowhere.

Coming In – a possible new rig, a new vertical antenna (in Spring), 

The Out-List:

  • The Yaseu FT-897 with AT897 & LDG Meter (Going to a New Ham)
  • One of the Spare TenTec Pegasus Transceivers
  • A Dentron Tuner
  • A Henry Amp
  • Quite a collection of very heavy duty 3CX-series tubes
  • and a lot of misc “shack chaff”
  • Selling the GAP Titan DX 
  • Taking down a NVIS antenna that lost it’s feedline

Projects Ending:

  • The HFPacker Amp Kit will be sold (not enough time)
  • Not Cabling in the GAP Titan DX at its wood-line location (ditto)

Incoming Shack Items:

  • Possible TenTec Omni VII upgrade from one of the Pegasus
  • A Shack-in-Operation Light
  • Better Operating Desk
  • Dedicated Digital Station with switching-in (no cable swaps)
  • Upgrading of the Shack Computer

Projects being Finished Up:

  • Upgraded lightening protection
  • New Tower-Base Utility Box (in fabrication now)
  • N-Connector Conversion on remaining gear
  • Moving one of the OS-X Computers into the Shack 
  • Better QSO/QSL tracking system

That should take me into next Spring!




6 thoughts on “Shuffling the Shack – Autumn Changes

  1. Excellent! I’m looking forward to some pictures on the blog as you make progress. What do you have in mind for the MacOS X computer or your better QSO/QSL tracking system?

  2. Eric W4OTN says:

    I should really do similar things. I have started getting my amateur satellite stuff together in hopes of being able to operate inside before it gets too cold outside.

  3. w4kaz says:

    Are the “Out-List” items for sale? Which Dentron tuner?

    I’d do my own shack-shuffle, but the nature of my shack and its basement location are such that it is in constant shuffle mode. I sure wish I had dedicated space for the shack. Such is life.

  4. k9zw says:

    Photos will follow once I have tangible progress. Tufting out old stuff has been the first part, but not photogentic really.

    I’ll be putting together information to sell/trade:

    A TenTec Pegasus, maybe two of them
    The Dentron Tuner
    The Henry Amp
    A lot of very heavy duty 3CX-series tubes type stuff
    A LDG AT-1000 Original Series (I never used it here)
    A GAP Titan DX
    A HFPacker Amp (Unbuilt Kit)
    and a bunch of extra shack stuff

    Info with pictures should go up here first during the month of October. Want to be realistic about how much time I have to box & ship stuff when offering it.



  5. Paul Coats, AE5JU says:

    I’m the new ham that now has Steve’s former Yaesu FT-897, LDG AT-897, and FT-Meter.

    Knowing how Steve maintains his musical instruments I didn’t have a doubt about this gear. And now that I’m licensed and have it all operational I’m absolutely thrilled. This is as close to “like new” you’d ever see.

    If this is representative of other items Steve has for sale, and I’m sure it is, you’ll be very happy with any purchases.


  6. Will be running sixty watt Ten-Tec from Ocean Pines, MD 21811, where Maryland eastern shore meets Atlantic. Any DX openings on ten?

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