News – MacHamRadio Goes Offline October 3rd

Passing along some news:

News – MacHamRadio Goes Offline October 3rd

MacHamRadio ( started in 2003 as a site to promote ham software for the newly released Mac OSX. That was when there wasn’t much software for OSX and there was a real need for a central location to find the latest Mac software for amateur radio use.

In the past five years MacHamRadio has fulfilled the original purpose. OSX isn’t new anymore. There are other sources to find amateur radio software (and some really great developers!) The Ham-Mac email reflector continues to serve as a great resource for sharing information.

It has become increasingly hard for me to maintain MacHamRadio as a good resource. Business travel and personal commitments have taken priority. It is time to pull the plug and take MacHamRadio offline. MacHamRadio will go offline on or around October 3rd.

Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions over the past five years.

Steve Muncy, NI5V

Apparently there is a possibility for the website to find a new sponsor & webmaster, so interested parties could contact Steve NI5V though the MacHamRadio website.



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