TenTec Updates the Jupiter

TenTec has a lot of great things going on.

At Dayton 2008 they showed an updated Jupiter and now have offered much of the updates as retrofits and firmware updates.

Check out the TenTec Jupiter Download/Upgrade Page.

I’ll be evaluating which and when I might upgrade mine.



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2 thoughts on “TenTec Updates the Jupiter

  1. Wolf DB7BR says:

    I´m saying it:
    I have visited Ten-Tecs site already and read the news.
    But in order to get all the new features, one has to exchange
    the EEPROM.
    and worse: they mention a so called ” multi-personality feature”
    but nowhere I could find an explanation, what it does!
    Any idea?
    best regards
    Wolf, DB7BR

  2. DAMIAN says:

    best 73 from LA PALMA


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