With Varying Frequency – Formats for Tomorrow?

Curiously I am wondering if my writing goals are being served well within the technical limitations of a “Blog Format?”

Much like a daily newspaper a blog presents Today’s Feature while yesterdays is relegated to recycling, never to be read again.

It is a linearity that does serve the read up “something fresh” often, but buries content older than a few posts.

This post is my 700th to “With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings” – a milestone that is a bit fluffed by several dozen articles posted twice.

The REPOST series was recycling with a purpose when I had finally figured out some of the technical issues with WordPress.

There are also perhaps a hundred Date/Time or From the Hamvention Floor posts that were never meant to be “virtuous content.”   They were quick bulletins and not much more.

There are also a quantity of “experimental posts” where I toyed with things political, social, scientific or that just interested me.  I’ve chosen to reduce the appearance of non-Amateur Radio posts by pushing my other ideas for posts to two other blogs (linked in the sidebar).  

I did keep the iCard Series, which runs some 60 posts, as the main non-Amateur Radio series.

Whittled down to “core” Amateur Radio posts there remain perhaps 40 to 50% of my posts which might have use for readers if made accessible in a hyperlinked menued format, rather than in a linear blog.

Accessing these posts is mostly an indexing problem – providing a framework for the material to be grouped and accessed.

I’m looking at several possible options to make this material more accessible:

  • Teaming up with other writers in a Meta-Blog
  • Moving the content to a Traditional Website Format
  • Moving the content to a customized WordPress hosting situation where more indexing features could be added.
  • or my current leading idea, creating a separate website that mostly is a front-end indexing and linking the content in a cohesive manner.

This Meta-Index would be an interesting project that might have more utility than just working with my own blog content.  A Meta-Index could potentially offer up a front-end indexing that hooked together material from several blogs, conventional webpages and self-contained content.

It could be a resource that help access old poorly linked pages.

How would this differ from say a Google Search?

In that the focus would be established hyperlinks presented in a webpage structure, not as dynamic search results.

There are some current Meta-Index projects I will be investigating and I’d very much welcome your ideas.

In the end I would like to make the Educational & Information-Sharing articles I’ve created more accessible to other Radio Amateurs.  The rest isn’t important.

Thoughts & Ideas?



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One thought on “With Varying Frequency – Formats for Tomorrow?

  1. Scott says:

    I hear ya.

    I was thinking along these same lines the other day. To index items over the long term one would want something more like a website, with a blog acting as a “pilot station” saying “Hey, there is something new at the website.”

    Maybe it would be beneficial to take on co-bloggers from the breadth of your interests. Keeping it all going has to be a sizeable task.


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