Why you won’t find (much) Politics here – Tubes or Transistors Required

Just a reminder, as I just deleted several comments left with various political opinions, that as much as possible With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings Blog will remain politically neutral through this Presidential Campaign.

Unless one of the candidates suddenly is found to have an Amateur Radio Position, a personal Amateur Radio Interest or secretly builds New-Old-Stock Heathkit Transceiver Kits for a private hobby, well then there are better blogs and more appropriate places for politics.

For the several folk who’s political comments were never published and now have been deleted, I offer no apology. 

We are all, as my XYL (wife) calls us, “Radio Friends” here – not political campaigners!



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One thought on “Why you won’t find (much) Politics here – Tubes or Transistors Required

  1. N0HR says:


    I agree and take the same stance with my blog. If any blogs available via my HamLinks toolbar get too off-topic or too political, they are also removed.

    There are many other venues for those topics. Amateur radio is, to some extent, an escape… Like going to the movies or reading a good book; you don’t want to get engrossed in a good blog and be distracted with something else.

    Pat, N0HR
    (from Iowa, where we’re sick of politics. Soon we’ll have candidates preparing for the next caucus)

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