August – The “Race-By” Month

Doing my end-of-month paperwork and stunned how quickly August has raced by.

The massive amount of time to handle computer problems and cover for an ill colleague (who is fine now) pretty much used up the time I’d usually set aside to be on the air, and the time to work at this writing project.

We’ve also seen the effort it takes to get our family’s oldest child off to engineering school as a new Freshman.  Tom KC9JGD seems to be settling in well at Michigan Technological University as a Freshman Chemical Engineering & Army ROTC candidate.  Push-ups & chemical reaction-rates – quite a combination.

The younger boys (Winston KC9FRV and Victor KC9NWB) are trying to squeeze the last bit of fun into the summer before school starts Tuesday.  Winston KC9FRV is attending a new Charter School rather than the traditional High School and Victor KC9NWB returns to his Junior High.

We’ve had the pleasure of having a Basque visitor – our High School AFS Student who stayed with my family has been visiting with his better-half and young daughter.  Awesome to see Juan and his family.  Life is good!

September is more often the season of overseas guests for our household, and 2008 is not an exception.  We’ll have English houseguests for at least part of the month. 

Radios have been on and then often turned back off after a half-hour of mostly listening each time.  Bands are not very inspiring, to be kind about it.  Really need to get my main digital set-up running, as that usually works well when everything else is weak.

More in September!



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