A New iCard Series – On One’s Youthful Memories


On One's Youthful Memories

On One's Youthful Memories

Using a third-party program (which will be explained later) I’m restarting the iCard Series.

These are my one major non-Amateur Radio contribution in this blog.




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2 thoughts on “A New iCard Series – On One’s Youthful Memories

  1. Queen55 says:

    I came across a descent website which has the engine to send your own photos in format of iCard. Visit http://www.4icards.com and see if this work for you.

    I tried it and it seems that 4icards is a good substitute for Mac icards. The engine is fast and the quality of card are ok. I hope to see more card in there.

  2. MacSmiley says:

    @ Queen55, the quality of 4iCards is OK? In your dreams!

    I loved Apple iCards. I miss it. I knew Apple iCards, and you, 4iCards.com, you’re no iCards.

    Except for some dubiously “donated” former Apple’s images, 4iCards.com does not even approach the high standard of quality, classic style, and fun that Apple set with its iCards.

    I have enumerated the many reasons why this is so (screenshots included) which you can read online HERE, HERE, and HERE.

    Steve Weinert, here in his blog, is using a wonderful Mac OS X application called PostCard which I reviewed on my Flickr account HERE

    Get Steve Dekorte’s Mac OS X PostCard app here:


    I use PostCard a lot, finding it to be even more flexible and creative than iCards were. You’ll find my full review of PostCard here:

    A good online alternative to Apple iCards (R.I.P)

    I’ve combed the WWW for old Apple iCard images for personal use with PostCard, and my recipients react to the cards I make with it in much the same way as they did with Apple’s iCards.

    I like being able drag entire groups from my Address Book right into the BCC line for mass emailings of my postcards.

    For those who are shackled to Windows or Linux PCs, the only online ecard service I recommend is PopCard.me


    Not only does PopCard.me emulate the quality and minimalist JPEG in an email style (with NO advertisements) of Apple iCards, but…

    more importantly…


    My review of PopCard.me is found HERE.

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