Perhaps a Hilberling HF Transceiver After All?

Dr Hans Hilberling’s announcement that the scheduled production of the PT-8000 was canceled might not be the last word on a Hilberling HF Transceiver.

Hilberling has a serious investment in the PT-8000 development that is unlikely to be so quickly thrown away.

The PT-8000 received it’s FCC Type Approval at considerable expense.

Initial operator impressions were very positive.

Multi-Nation PR & Advertising Campaigns have been run.

The only from Dr Hilberling’s announcement we are sure of, is that the Radio isn’t ready for volume production and any further work to make it ready will be done out of the public’s eye.

Speaking to Jay WX0B of Array Solutions, he wasn’t willing to permanently discount a future Hilberling HF Transceiver, though he did say that the statement remains in place – the planned 2008 volume production is canceled.

More here when I learn it!




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One thought on “Perhaps a Hilberling HF Transceiver After All?

  1. Jeff, KE9V says:

    Shades of Brett Favre!

    I hope Hiberling can introduce the equipment as I have no doubt that a significant investment has already been made. I know that CE certification for manufacturing in Europe can be all but impossible to obtain, however, I can’t help but wonder if the sagging world economy hasn’t had some influence on the decision to introduce a $16,000 transceiver to a market of hobbyists?

    73 de Jeff

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