REPOST – Agreeing to Disagree – The Wonders of the “Big Tent” of Amateur Radio

“With Varying Frequency” before the blog had active RSS feeds, when it had a readership a small fraction of what it has now, before WordPress added Tags to search content and were never archived properly.

I’ve selected a handful of popular articles to repost as a response.

If you read them back at the beginning, my thanks for your patience with the reposts. If they are new to you I’d love your feedback!






Recently I’ve had several fellow amateurs come across as rather heated in their emails, comments & list postings, apparently agitated that I didn’t share their opinion.

We participate in a “Big Tent” hobby, where no matter what you honorably hold as your beliefs you are welcome.

Of course there is that temptation in all of us to “push the button” – to try it on/out and see what happens.

Trying it on! Yes, we just “try it on!”

Unfortunately that “trying it on” is often at the expense of the feelings of others & the understanding that it our a shared hobby that brings us together in the first place.

Several of the various lists & forums have regularly posting members who forget not only the “Golden Rule,” but also forget that it is neither necessary, nor even very likely that we all share exactly the same opinions.

Amateur Radio is a “Big Tent” with room for all interested licenced Radio Amateurs!

Catch ALL of you on the bands! Hear you there!



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