Constitutional Matters (Club Level) – The Importance of Having the Same “Sheet of Music”

What an interesting process.  Our Local Club, Mancorad W9DK, has a difficult to use piecemeal Constitution & By-Laws.

The document includes everything from citations from 19th Century Court Rules of Order (Luther Stearns Cushing’s short Manual of Parliamentary Practice – 1844, usually known as Cushing’s Manual) to various bits & pieces added over 60 years of club existance.

The process of bringing the Constitution & By-Laws up to date involves relooking at almost every aspect of the club, and requires resolving differences in opinions on these various aspects.

Board meetings, Constitution Committee Meetings, digging through documents & old paperwork, and seemingly endless discussions are the result!

The reward to staying the course will be a document suitable for the club’s use for the next sixty years, as well as correcting numerous technical & legal issues with the old document – many which developed over time as needs evolved, but the document lagged behind.

Expect more written about the process, and I should offer kudos to those clubs & the league who have made various actual & model radio club constitutions available on line.

And of course a huge thanks to the Mancorad Members who are working so hard to make the new document an inclusive & adaptive reflection of the best of Amateur Radio in Club Form.



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One thought on “Constitutional Matters (Club Level) – The Importance of Having the Same “Sheet of Music”

  1. Mark Morgan KB9RQZ says:

    good luck on that sort of thing I had to sort though seemiar stuff back when I livednear spring IL withe SVRC W8DUA and you also get to deal with what various folks THINK the bylaws and polices are which be such fun

    good luck with the project

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