Me Me Me Me Me – .Mac (dotMac) becomes Mobile Me


MobileMe Homepage

MobileMe Homepage

Just a quick note about the dotMac (.Mac) transition to MobileMe (Me).


All of my and addresses & URLs now have “mirrors” at and

The transition has been rough.

The new MobileMe website & interface looks good, as does the “Push” technology.

The implementation apparently did not scale-up as planned, and as Apple moved everyone from to just about everything broke.

There does seem to be some poor choices in the transition – many .Mac account features either didn’t transfer over at the same time, or didn’t transfer at all.

Apple iCards are now history – personally a feature I hope returns soon!  I used iCards regularly to communicate graphically to friends.

The ability to sync bookmarks to the web-browser-interface makes accessing ones Safari bookmarks an Apple only thing – boo hiss hiss.  I used this feature to allow access to my grab-bag of useful URLs from any computer where I could access my .Mac account.

As my work travels take me out of iPhone service areas 75% of the time, I can’t use that technology to keep my bookmarks on tap.  

There are work-arounds, but they require either writing an Automator Script or doing some manual fiddling periodically.   So far the work-arounds are not bidirectionally synced but rather are a publish to web system.

…. Apple did a series of software updates to better the dotMac to MobileMe transition today.  It also appears that Apple wanted the iCard name and idea for a new project coming down the road, one where some sort of “signed” iCard could be signed by several users, much like passing a card around the office for signatures…. few details at this stage of course…..



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2 thoughts on “Me Me Me Me Me – .Mac (dotMac) becomes Mobile Me

  1. MacSmiley says:

    I am very upset with Apple for nixing the .Mac services… especially iCards.

    PLEASE don't kill Apple iCards!

    They were simple, they were elegant, and they didn’t plaster recipients with advertisements, HTML, and flashing GIFS.

    I got responses from sending iCards I never got from sending emails… not even emails with pictures. The combination of whimsical images and text in one small, savable JPEG in the iCard message was hard to resist.

    Despite a couple of homemade alternatives, iWant Apple iCards Back!!

    There are two petitions clamoring for Apple to bring back iCards. Feel free to join the chorus!


    Yes, it’s true that Apple filed a patent last year for multi-sender iCards. But patents don’t always work their way into products.

    Furthermore, if Apple has a new and improved iCards in the works, why discontinue the old iCards in the meantime?? Why leave uninformed iCards users hanging without a notification on the old iCards website? Why remove the .Mac Feedback form without replacing it with a MobileMe Feedback form?

    Do you have any information about this the rest of us don’t? Because this knowledge base article, which Apple didn’t post until almost a whole month after iCards got axed, doesn’t leave much room for speculation.

  2. MacSmiley says:

    Apple’s Discussion moderators deleted this comment from an iCards thread, so I’m plastering it all over the Web:

    “Everyone, call Apple Customer Relations at this number to complain (I found it was the best # to call after trying several). They say number of complaints matters.:

    800-767-2775 ”

    — k2graphics

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