Fellow Blog “Calling CQ” QRT – Jeff KE9V on Sabatical

August 4th 2008 – Some point over the last few days Jeff KE9V again took down his latest blog, dropped access to content and has put up another “watch the space for a wholly different sort of project here” message.

More news when Jeff KE9V announces it.  




Seems our often correspondent Jeff Davis KE9V has decided to change his Amateur Radio blog and website again, having redirected his site URL to another blog and taking down previous content.

He’s been discussing returning to Amateur Radio Podcasting and to a series of Audio Books (and perhaps CW versions of books) that are from the public domain.

At this time his URL heads off to another fine blog, the feedburner feeds are erring-out and he has said very little.

As “Calling CQ” moved from amateur radio into other areas, one could sense the frustration as the diversity of the political personalities that make up the world of Amateur Radio took blog posts to task.

A great reminder why you will not find non-amateur radio posts often here, rather I put my Musical Interest material in the Saxconspiracy Blog and my World-View & Political postings in the Randomhold Blog.  Links are to the right on the sidebar.

Best of luck to Jeff KE9V as he changes up his web projects and thank you for the reminder why Amateur Radio Postings are best apolitical!



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5 thoughts on “Fellow Blog “Calling CQ” QRT – Jeff KE9V on Sabatical

  1. Ben N1WBV says:

    I put non-AR related posts on my weblog, but I always tag my posts “ham radio.” That way, if someone really doesn’t want to hear my ramblings on Information Security you can just subscribe to the “ham radio” tag RSS feed. :)

    That being said, I enjoy diverse post topics. It allows me to “get a feel” for the person rather then just his/her amateur radio interests. I enjoyed reading KE9Vs “long emergency” posts. I didn’t agree with them, but they at least get the mind going.

    Come back KE9V! Come Back!

  2. k9zw says:

    Jeff KE9V has restored the recent content, updated his “About Page” and ended the redirection to another blog.

    No new posts yet.

    He’s taken time in his “About Page” to spell out the framework he views Amateur Radio and Amateur Radio Blogging:

    Ham radio is an old world technology having been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Radio amateurs pioneered the art and skill of wireless communication to the benefit of commercial broadcasters, the military and for that matter, all of mankind. And then at some point we rested from our pioneering labor and simply enjoyed the fruits of our handiwork.

    These days we’re mostly a bunch of dinosaurs, set in our ways and convinced that our kind of radio communication remains relevant in a more modern age. We love to point to newspaper and magazine articles about some ham saving the day during an emergency — but the truth is that ham radio is an aging hobby facing an imminent and rapid decline.

    I freely admit that because my head trumps my heart — but the fact that we’re destined for the trash heap of history doesn’t mean that we must go quietly in the night. In the coming decade there will be significantly fewer of us with each passing year but we’ve yet to reach the end in what’s an amazing story of human invention.

    While we have one or two chapters remaining before penning the epilogue, I intend to continue writing and speaking about the things that we have done and those things we continue to do.

    Our hobby is a strange mixture of technical and social issues and I don’t feel the least bit constrained in commenting about things not directly related. I toss in book, movie, and music reviews, recipes, pictures of totally unrelated subject material, and all kinds of off-topic chatter much to the consternation of the serious-minded.

    I consider my blog to be a lot like tuning 40 meters on a crisp, cool, Saturday morning. Anything and everything is open for discussion. Where politics and religion are generally considered taboo over the air, here on the Web we have no such limitations in freely discussing such matters.

    Glad to see Jeff KE9V and “Calling CQ Blog” back!



  3. “A great reminder why you will not find non-amateur radio posts often here, rather I put my Musical Interest material in the Saxconspiracy Blog and my World-View & Political postings in the Randomhold Blog. Links are to the right on the sidebar.”

    Except, of course, for the when you do inject your political opinion. These four come to mind immediately.

    Small Takings – Disappearing Rights & Errosion of Ownership
    18 – October – 2007

    “Who is John Galt?” – Atlas Shrugged, 50 years on.
    17 – October – 2007

    With Varying Frequency Blog referenced by Michelle Malkin
    15 – October – 2007

    Opinions, Tomfoolery and Foolishness – Responses to “Apple Gore’s Itself” Article
    15 – October – 2007

    “As “Calling CQ” moved from amateur radio into other areas, one could sense the frustration as the diversity of the political personalities that make up the world of Amateur Radio took blog posts to task.”

    Huh? There were a couple of public responses to this particular post. One, which could not argue the merits simply questioned the “timing” of the original newspaper article (and presumably Jeff’s prose). I can assure you that Jeff received at least one private accolade on the clear-thinking piece–from me. That post was received pretty much the same way any other post was on his blog.

    Jeff periodically takes down his whole site, rethinks, and begins again. This is at least the second time he’s done it. I have pleaded with him privately to put the contents from those renditions up permanently someplace (archive.org?) but in the end it is his to do with what he pleases. It certainly had nothing to do with any particular post, especially the one you mentioned.

    I’ll be happy when Jeff conjures a new site, blog, TV station, whatever. I’ll happily consume it all. We’ll have to wait and see what he comes up with.

    — Scott (NE1RD)

  4. k9zw says:

    Hi Scott NE1RD

    Thank you for taking time to comment, and reminding me I should have done a better job of explaining how I came to decide I would strive to keep this blog apolitical.

    There are posts in the archives of this blog which lacked direct Amateur Radio Focus.

    After private emails pointing out how they didn’t fit and ruffled feathers, I created the other two blogs.

    I should have taken the time to explain how I learned this lesson.

    As I am in general unhappy with revisionism I left the posts intact that led to my lesser used parallel blog experiments.

    Less than 0.2% of this blog’s posts that bordered on political (I’m not really sure noting that a firm (Apple) did something very political that upset much of the money people of the street they need to keep happy is really politics, or that a big time blog cited this blog is really politics, but they both are certainly naught to do with Amateur Radio.)

    As another non-Amateur Radio blog experiment that was terminated there are the postings of “The iCard Series.”

    I do intend to keep some level of non-amateur radio posts – the OS-X/Mac ones come first to mind – as they fit best here rather than a World-View or Music blog.

    Jeff KE9V hasn’t taken time to say too much about what he has planned, but there is one operative word that is a certainty – “Quality.”



  5. k9zw says:

    For those of you looking for “Calling CQ” Jeff KE9V has renamed his Blog – the present is simply ke9v.net – and is changing his ratio of amateur radio to human interest postings.



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