Be Ready to QSY – Marine Net Handling a Medical Emergency Out of Usual Net Hours

Rough Location of the Marine Medical Emergency

Tonight I had an interesting experience, a good friend (not an Amateur yet) just received an Icom IC-R75 receiver I had help hind for him, and had emailed that he would be listening to 14.310 USB if I had the time to call CQ and see if I could initiate a QSO he could SWL in on.

Listening for a while and then calling “Is this Frequency in use?  K9ZW” I neither heard anyone nor had a come back, until I had progressed to calling CQ for five minutes or so.

They I had a very polite and very professional call asking could we please QSY clear of 14.308 as the Marine Net was handling a Medical Emergency!

Needless to say I responded affirmatively, set the rig to RX-only and moved to stand-by on 14.308 on the off-chance my station could provide assistance.

The net had a real medical emergency, a head injury on a ship in the Pacific Northwest.

The details I copied in case they were needed are less important than how efficiently the Marine Net was able to secure professional help to assist the person in need.

Of course I was on the instant of emergency traffic needs ready to QSY (change frequency) and as in this case, to stand listening & available until I was certain my station would not be of use in addressing the emergency.

My Kudos to the Doctor patched in, the assisting marine officer, and those monitoring the Marine Net frequency out of hours.



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