Dayton Hamvention 2008 Follow-Up Report No. 11 – EZNEC Antenna Modeling


I’ve been long interested in Antenna Modeling, and had started using EZNEC-ARRL as part of the ARRL CCE Antenna Modeling Course.

As I recently wrote about, I’ve also been using CocoaNEC on a Mac.

In both cases I have been approaching program limitations with some of the full-station modeling I have been trying.

EZNEC Version 5.0+ seemed to be the best fit for the modeling projects I am attempting and after discussion with Roy Lewallen W7EL I took the plunge & bought his latest version.

One must remember that NEC2 itself is limited and no “shell” surrounding the NEC2 core can overcome those minor limitations.

From Roy W7EL’s website:

The best way to get acquainted with EZNEC is to download the free demo program. It’s a complete EZNEC program except limited in the complexity of antenna it can analyze. With it, you’ll quickly learn what EZNEC can — and can’t — do for you.

Information About the Free EZNEC v. 5.0 demo version

ARRL has version 4.0-arrl included with the ARRL Antenna Book as well.

Now it is up to me to make good use of this tool!



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